US police wanted two rugby stars carrying guns to rob

Florida authorities issued arrest warrants for U.S. rugby stars DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar after they were accused of carrying out an armed robbery.

Information about the incident was informed by the Miramar Police Department (Florida, USA) that defenders Baker (New York Giants Club) and Quinton Dunbar (Seattle Seahawks Club) were wanted in connection with the robbery on 13.5 in Miramar, near Miami. Baker was wanted on eight counts of armed robbery and gun assault. Dunbar is wanted for four gun-robbery offenses in a residential area between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

DeAndre Baker (phải) và Quinton Dunbar (trái) bị truy nã liên quan đến vụ cướp có vũ trang /// CHỤP MÀN HÌNH

Under an arrest warrant, Baker and Dunbar were at a barbecue party in South Florida, before leading into an argument. A witness told police that Baker pulled out a gun and asked two others, one of whom was Dunbar, to rob the guests attending the party.

Witnesses added that the two rugby stars allegedly took thousands of dollars in cash, expensive watches and other valuables before escaping. Another witness said, Dunbar had brought a gun. According to initial investigations, Baker is believed to have directed a third man, masked, to shoot at someone, but police reports suggest that no one was shot before bandits fled on the expensive car.

Cảnh sát Mỹ truy nã 2 ngôi sao bóng bầu dục xách súng đi cướp - ảnh 1

Baker, recruited by the New York Giants at last year’s NFL (men’s rugby league), played 15 games this season. Dunbar – who played 11 games for the Washington Redskins last season, joined the Seahawks in March. The the NFL said in a statement that they were still following the case but would refuse to comment further at that time. USA Today newspaper said, immediately after taking testimony of witnesses at the scene, local police conducted a robbery investigation and arrested the perpetrator. The bounty has rocked American sports when the NFL is a sports tournament that has received the attention of many fans in this country.