Ask anyone who is the strongest team in the NFL and they are most likely going to name their favourite regardless of the stats. For those who do go by the stats then there is not too much controversy as to who are the strongest teams. The other factor that comes into play is when the question is asked, most will give their opinion based on the last few games. To really understand the strongest teams it means looking forward to what is expected of them.

Kansas City Chiefs

Some think that because this team won the Super Bowl by such a close margin that they should not be considered as the big contenders for the 2020 season. Yet, there is nothing substantial to back this up. The head coach has shown that he has a creative approach to the game and it obviously paid off for the 2019 season.

Baltimore Ravens

Throughout the 2019 season, the Baltimore Ravens were impressive. A lot of pressure was put on Lamar Jackson to carry the team although every player put their best game forward for most of the games. Many believe that this is a team to keep an eye on for the upcoming season.

San Francisco 49er’s

They ended up with the 2019 number two pick in drafts but it didn’t do too much for them for the season. However, now that things have settled a bit it is believed that there is a lot of up and coming young stars on this team that just need to get some experience.

New Orleans Saints

It is up in the air as to where this team is going to go in the next season. There is a lot of speculation that it depends on whether Dree Brees retires or not. It was Teddy Bridgewater that keep things moving when Brees was out of the game due to an injury in the first part of 2019.