This is a site that is dedicated to the NFL and why Canada is not a part of this league. In addition to this, there is a lot of information here for anyone that wants a better understanding of what the NFL is all about.

For those that are new to the game, this site is a great resource for learning more about it. For those who are seasoned fans, they will enjoy a lot of the information here and will get the chance to form their own opinions on some of the speculations that have been made. Some of the highlights of what can be found here are as follows:

What’s Up With Canada?

There is a good explanatory post here that explains what attempts have been made to get the NFL into Canada. Although attempts have been made the possibility shouldn’t be ruled out. It is something that many Canadian football fans would love to see happen. There have been NFL games in Toronto that were enjoyed by many. The post here covers what some of these were.

The NFL Teams

There is a great post here that talks about some of the specifics of the different NFL teams. You might consider the information to be a bit of trivia. It certainly is interesting. There is a second post that deals with the same topic because there is a lot to be shared when it comes to different teams.

There is a lot more to be enjoyed here as well.