While football is a sport that is certainly a favourite for many Canadians, unfortunately, they cannot claim to have a National Football league.

Several Attempts

Over the years, there has been a lot of talk and several attempts to get a NFL for Canada, but up until now, it has been all talk. It becomes a topic of discussion for a while then fades away. Although there is some hope that talks will begin again on this subject in 2020.

The Buffalo Bills

There was hope in Toronto that if the Buffalo Bills were ever to be put up for sale, someone in Toronto would be interested in acquiring the team. This interest dates all the way back to 2006. It was Tanenbaum and Godfrey that had the most interest in this.

Then in 2013 more parties became interested in enticing the Buffalo Bills to move to Toronto. This was the interest of Edward Rogers lll and Jon Bon Jovi. One of the conditions that would have to be met is a new stadium. It was reported that a feasibility study was carried out concerning the viability of a new stadium.


The Buffalo fans were not in agreement to have their team moved to Toronto and a lot of resistance was put up against Rogers and Bon Jovi.

Stumbling Blocks

It appears as though there are just too many stumbling blocks to clear in order to bring an NFL team to Toronto. One of these is the cost of bringing a team in and getting enough interest to invest in this. Then there is the issue of a stadium. There was some talk about the Rogers Centre being a good fit but it was determined that this would not be so over the long term.

In spite of all this, there are still hopes that one day Canada will have its own NFL team.