Top 7 best national football movies of all time (Part 3)

American football, also known as American football (or Gridiron football), is a popular team sport in the United States.

American football is closely related to Canadian football but has some differences in the rules of the game and many other characteristics. In the United States, some of the main types of football are high school football, college football, and professional football, which are essentially the same but differ in some points in the rules of the game.

Let’s explore more movies about this sport!

Facing the Giant (2006)

Facing the Giant (2006) is a famous rugby episode about Faith. Man is a product of faith. What you believe, you become what you believe.

This rugby feature film will give you the feeling: You can do whatever you want. Because human limits are endless.

The film is about a coach named Christian who teaches rugby in a high school (Eagles Shiloh) of the United States. He used his immortal faith to fight the giant of fear and failure.

In six years of training, Grant Taylor has never led his Eagles Shiloh to victory. Then came the more painful thing that his wife had to face with infertility, not only that pause, but all the bad things happened when he found out that many people had offered to fire him.

Devastated by his current predicament, he cried to God in despair. It was not until later, when suddenly receiving a friend’s advice on faith, he sought a stronger purpose for his team.

He showed his team, “Nothing is impossible.” Only you try hard. Please try your best. ” When facing strong teams, who have won the championship for 3 consecutive times, the Eagles face their own courage.

When The Game Stands Tall (2014)

When The Game Tall Stands is a rugby episode about one-time history rugby coach Bob Ladouceur, who led De La Salle High School Spartans from the troubled times to the 151-game victory consecutively, breaking all the records of this sport in the US.