For those who wish to remain as fans of football and not become involved as a player, they still need to understand the basics of the game so they can enjoy watching it.

the Offense

The offence is made up of eleven players. Their job is to get the football down the field. Their objective is to get the ball into the opposing team’s end zone. Failing this they want to get it close enough to the end zone when they can try to make a field goal through a kick. Prior to the gameplay, the offence team will huddle together to form a strategy. When they are in the huddle it is the quarterback who calls the shots and takes the lead.

The quarterback will begin the play by running down the field with the ball. Then he will hand it off to another player or they can do a forward pass.

  • Running back or halfback. Is the primary ball carrier.
  • Fullback. Usually blocks for the running back or quarterback.
  • Wide Receiver: has speed and ability to catch the ball.
  • Tight end: lines up at the end (of the offensive line) they are extra blockers
  • Linemen: Play an important role but often get overlooked for their contributions.

The Offensive Line

The centre player will line up in the centre of the offensive line and snaps the ball through his legs to the quarterback. This is the start of the gameplay.

The Guards

The guards are on both sides of the center and have to block defenders who are on coming.


They are positioned outside the guards and protect the pass and run block


Then there are specific rules that the offence must follow. For example, only those players who are classed as eligible are allowed to catch forward passes.