For those who want to pick a favourite team from the NFL roster, they are going to find that they have a choice of 32 teams. It doesn’t take long though for a football enthusiast to narrow down their choices and pick a favourite team.

Popularity of Teams

Each team has a responsibility for their own marketing and for keeping their fans informed. They will often do this through social media as well as a lot of other resources.

The Oldest NFL Team

While there are a lot of NFL teams, the oldest is the Green Bay Packers. They came about in 1919 but didn’t take the name Green Bay Packers until 1922. There are two other founding teams within the NFL which are the Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals.

Throughout the early years, the league was able to stabilize as it took on a more formal presence. They participated in their first championship game in 1933. Something of interest is that in 1927 this league would not sign up black players. But, this changed in 1946.

The Original 8 NFL Teams

Although the Green Bay Packers are considered to be the oldest team there are 7 others that are considered to be originals which are:

  • Giants
  • Bears
  • Cardinals
  • Lions
  • Redskins
  • Eagles
  • Steelers

The Youngest Team

While there have been other teams that have come and gone the youngest team to join the NFL is the Oakland Raiders which is the 9th youngest team.

The popularity of the NFL has enjoyed continuous growth and it is classed as America’s top spectator sport. Many fans love their Monday night football. When it comes time for the Super Bowl most will make sure they have their schedule cleared for that day. This holds true for the football fans in Canada as well many other parts of the world.