The offence responsibilities is one part of the game and the second part is the defence that makes up the entire game of football.

The Defense

This is also made up of eleven players. Their job is to keep the offence of the opposing team from moving down the field to score. The defence can be segregated into three units.

Offensive Tackles and Ends

They line up and try to push themselves across the line so they can get to the offensive backfield. They are successful if they stop the play at the scrimmage line. They have to focus on tackling the ball carrier.

  • Linebackers: They need to be 3 to 5 years behind the defence line. They are there to support the linemen.
  • Defensive Backs. It also includes cornerbacks and safeties. Their job is to block the receivers from catching the ball.

4-3 Defense

This is comprised of four defence linesmen, and three linebackers along with four defence backs. It is a combination needed to complete a particular type of gameplay.

3-4 Defense

This is another option for a different type of gameplay. It is comprised of three defence linemen, four linebackers and four defence backers.

Nickle Package

This is the choice to replace a linebacker or defence play with an extra defence back or Nickleback.

The defence and offence segments of a football team must work in conjunction with each other. This is why practices are so important. The game can be confusing for new spectators but understanding the different positions the players fill and the basic techniques are enough to start to really enjoy watching a game.

There is no distinction between the defence being more important than the offence. In some teams, one of these segments may be stronger than the other but the coach will strive to create a balance between them both.