The 54th Super Bowl has just finished and it is already time to speculate as to who will be the next winner. It is a difficult task to predict this when so many variables can happen throughout the year. It all comes down to which seasoned players will be staying with their teams, who will be traded and will there be any coaching changes?

The General Consensus

There are many that agree that these five teams will probably be one of the next contenders for the 55th Super Bowl, happening next year

  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • New Orleans Saints
  • New England Patriots

What About The Rest?

There are still plenty of teams that should not be ruled out and the odds that are being predicted for them aren’t so bad. Here are a few:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys are 14/1
  • Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks 20/1.

Out of these three, a lot are counting on the Green Bay Packers. It is all going to come down to what transpires among these three teams to see who edges who out of the three ties for the odds.

It’s Anyone’s Guess

Once you get past the 20/1 odds, it becomes anyone’s guess. Teams can start off slow, then surprise everyone in the second half of the season. If a team is relying heavily on a few star players and one gets injured, it can be a big hit for the team. The other factor is that there are a lot of seasoned and aged players and no one knows when they may decide to retire.

If it were that easy to predict who was going to be the next Super Bowl winner, then it would take all the fun and excitement out of the game. The anticipation is a big part of the popularity of the game of football.