Will Harry Kane become a rugby star? (Part 2)

Although soccer is an important part of football and rugby, these two sports are quite different. 

The first challenge for a football watchman, Westhoff said, is to kick the ball in pinched conditions for 1.3 seconds – 1.25 seconds for very good kickers. He said footballers can control the ball very well in congested areas, but in rugby, talking about an extra point or a goal on the field, the player must make an immediate decision. His mean is without hesitation.

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Kane is only 25 years old and the career of the player is still very long and he still has many opportunities to shine. This was also emphasized in an interview with ESPN that his intention was to play football for another 10 to 12 years. But Kane is a big fan of the NFL. He has been to Atlanta to see the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl LIII. Kane especially likes New England midfielder Tom Brady, seeing him as a source of inspiration for success.

Opportunity for Kane?

Two years ago, when Tottenham Hotspur traveled in the US, Kane had seen the “giant” New York at the training facility. It was here that he had a successful rugby kick of more than 45 meters, but was in full freedom, with no attack from any opponent, and in no hurry.

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Despite this, Westhoff has said that Kane’s success at Tottenham and the national team is an asset. Therefore, his enthusiasm for football can help him perfect his missing skills to fit in the sport in the future. Overall there is still a positive highlight. It sounds like it will still take a lot of time to convince a coach like Westhoff, who has been with New York for 12 years.