The young rugby player made the audience admire the strange way of celebrating

Star in the village of football, DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans team is not only famous for his natural talent, but also for his “touch”.

DeAndre Hopskins is one of the football’s famous football players. Every time Hopskins scores a goal for the home team, he will hold the ball in his hand and run quickly towards the stands, letting the ball touch the hands of his greatest fan. It was not just a mere fan, but his mother, Sabrina Greenlee, a woman who was blind, could not see her son fighting on the pitch but never missed a ball. She even sat in the first row, where Hopskins could see her mother best.

The “hand touch” has become a familiar act every time Hopskins scores a goal and it has also become an inspiration, a warm story passed by audiences with admiration.

Talking about her mother, Hopskins said, Ms. Greenlee lost her eyesight 17 years ago in a horrifying acid attack. Tragedy occurred while she was a single mother raising three sons.

To become a strong woman, as a source of inspiration today, Sabrina Grennlee has had to go through many events in her life. After her husband died in a traffic accident, she struggled with two jobs at the same time to support her three young children. That is why she was caught up in a number of abusive relationships that led to an event that changed her life.

On July 20, 2002, she was “jealous” beaten by another woman by throwing acid in her face, neck and chest and left to death at a gas station. However, she was discovered and taken to the emergency room. After a week of coma, Greenlee woke up but was blind in her right eye, losing 40% of her left eye vision with a scar in her mind that never healed. She underwent more than 20 surgeries in both eyes but her eyesight still fell in love and disappeared completely after a few years. However, this is only part of a series of days of abuse, death, parenting and the cost of making the wrong life choices she has to fight.

Greenlee has used his experience to transmit energy and knowledge to those who survived the violent family. In 2013, she founded an organization called SMOOTH (Speaking Mentally, Outwardly Opening Opportunities Toward Healing) with the aim of communicating and relieving psychological trauma to abused women.

DeAndre Hopskins has used his influence to help his mother raise money and also expresses his opinion and voice on issues. When the NFL (National Rugby League) allowed the player to wear the shoes of his own liking to play, Hopskin wore pink and blue shoes with the words “No Abuse” and four small icons of the woman, including an icon painted in different colors to convey the message “One in four women has suffered from violence”.

Sabrina Greenlee story was the inspiration for the company TV movie BRON. They had the intention to develop and build a movie called “Sabrina” which was based on the stories of Greenlee’s life and how to stand up from violence. The film is directed by Sam Bailey and Kristen Buckley is in charge of the script.