Andrew Brace withdrew from French arbitration duties due to personal abuse

Next weekend, in the final of the National Cup final between England and France, the referee was disqualified from the Heineken Champions Cup match by the referee because the Les Bruce fans treated him after the Twickenham match.

Because of Owen Farrell’s kick, he beat France in an unexpected overtime game, but Brace’s performance was severely criticized by some online rugby fans.

Several fans have reached the point where he left insulting messages on the obituary of his late father that he recently posted on Twitter.

The video that appeared after the game showed that Blaise and his officials missed the opportunity for England to lead the important ball to defeat Billy Unibola. The prostitute Luke Cowan-Dickie (Hooker Luke Cowan-Dickie) was bored and forced the game into overtime suddenly.

Brace received hundreds of insulting messages on Twitter because some fans said the decision was beneficial to the home team. The video also questioned some calls that actually supported the French before the first attempt, but angry French supporters could easily miss this call. Evil people, they seem to be scapegoats for the Irish.

Due to the painful consequences of the game, “The Independent” reported that ECPR decided to exclude Brace from the French resale plan on the weekend of December 20, which may lead to further abuse.

Brace will now take charge of Wasps’ home game against Montpellier on the weekend of the 20th, instead of Toulouse and the Exter Chiefs on the same day. It is said that this is done to allow Brace to avoid further abuse by ground fans.

Today, ECPR stated: “After the virtual meeting of the committee selection committee chaired by Joel Jutge, the head of the EPCR competition organizing committee, it was decided to make two changes to the appointment of the second round of the Heineken Champions League”.

“Scotland’s Mike Adamson and Ireland’s Andrew Brace will be in charge of Wasps v Montpellier (Wasps v Montpellier) with Brace in Pool A of Ricoh Stadium on Friday, December 18. Montpellier) exchanged games, and Adamson was appointed as the referee for the Toulouse v match. On December 20th (Sunday) at the Exeter Chiefs B Pool at the Esténest Wallon Stadium.”