General rules for NFL betting on online casino

Do you know the betting rules of NFL at online casino? If the answer is no, let’s follow this article! We will provide 9 rules of NFL betting for you!

1. If a field is changed, all bets will be void

2. Unless otherwise stated, bets on English-style rugby league and NFL all go to the final result after 80 minutes as the final result.

3. The median time of the match (80 minutes) includes injury time when the player is injured.

4. All live match bets take an 80-minute median result as the final result

5. If a match is interrupted halfway, paused or postponed without starting within 12 hours of the time stated on the official website, in addition to its own rules or additional announcements, tables Potential winning/scoring does not affect the final result of the bet, other situations are considered invalid. The Company decides all bets for the canceled matches and is considered the final result, without consulting the judgment of any official match or any other relevant organization.

6. For international matches where venues are subject to change still within the same country, all bets will still be considered valid.

7. For bets on 1st half will be settled according to the results after the end of the first half.

8. Bets on 2nd half will be settled according to the result after the end of the 2nd half (including any extra time or extra time).

9. If the match is interrupted in the 1st half, all 1st half bets will be considered void. If a match is interrupted in the 2nd half or extra time, then bets on the first half will still be valid, but bets on the 2nd half will be void.