Hackers attack to tout a series of teams in the United States

The social network accounts of more than a dozen American Football League (NFL) teams have been hacked for hackers with the purpose of prompting and touting.

The teams that are the victims of this attack include the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, who will compete in the Super Bowl championship on February 2. According to the BBC, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of 15 teams has been compromised.

The OurMine hacker group took responsibility, saying that they hacked into the accounts of the teams just to remind that the federation’s internet security was very poor, the teams needed to improve security.

Twitter confirms the accounts were hacked by a third party platform. As soon as they had become aware of the attack, they had locked the compromised accounts and were working closely with our NFL partners to recover them, Twitter said.

Many accounts after being hacked have the same message left behind, which is, “Hello, we’re back. We’re here to tell everyone that everything is very poor and could be hacked. public at any time”. Some accounts have a profile image or title that has been changed or deleted.

The account of the hacker group OurMine was taken down by Twitter on January 27. OurMine, based in Dubai, told the BBC that it had contacted the NFL before the attack in order to offer a federation of its services to improve the security of the tournament, but did not receive a response. anise.

In the past, this group hacked famous companies and individuals with the same goals as Netflix’s Twitter account; Marvel; Google CEO, Mr. Sundar Pichai; and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. It also hacked Buzzfeed’s website and many Facebook and YouTube accounts.