Canadians clean up after rugby World Cup in Japan

After the Rugby Team’s final World Cup match with Rugby Team with Namibia was canceled, the Canadian rugby team took to the streets in Kamaishi, Japan this weekend to help residents clean up after the destruction breaking of Typhoon Hagabis.

Mr. keith hornet gordon mcrorie, a Canadian rugby team member said, when the match was canceled, we had a group meeting and decided to walk down the street whether we could help anyone here or is not. This is also a way for us to truly understand what the people here have gone through.

Rugby World Cup has praised the Canadian rugby team, and has posted videos of members of the soccer team picking up mud on the streets and helping residents clean up debris from the storm leave.


Rugby World Cup tweeted: “After the match in Kamaishi was canceled, the @RugbyCanada players went out to help people recover from the damage, which is the true value of the match. are great shots of the team”.

The storm struck while Japan was in the middle of hosting the Rugby World Cup. The storm caused a series of postponements and cancellations, including Saturday matches between England and France as well as a highly anticipated match between New Zealand and Italy, which were suspended until the storm stop.


The Canadian team said that helping the Kamaishi helped them forget some of the sadness when the match was canceled.

McRorie, who played scrum-Half for the Canadian Team, said: “Everyone is having a hard time, everyone wants the game to continue, but the devastation on the road has made us quickly decide, down the road and help everyone somewhat.

More than 30 people died and nearly 200 were injured after Hurricane Hagibis landed on Saturday night. The storm has brought stormy winds and caused widespread flooding in coastal areas of Japan.

The Japanese Prime Minister said more than 27,000 Self-Defense Forces personnel are currently engaged in storm rescue operations.