Don Shula is not just the NFL’s most successful coach (Part 2)

He inspired one of the great quotes of all time

Houston Oilers legendary coach Bum Phillips is known for his clever, intelligent quotes about his players, opposing players and opposing coaches, among other things. Phillips summed up the greatness of Shula’s training, when he said, he could get his dog and beat your dog and take your dog and beat his dog.

He was great before coming to Miami

Shula became famous for Super Bowls back-to-back and the 1972 perfect season for Dolphins, but he accomplished a lot before coming to Miami. He coached the NFL team from Baltimore Colts from 1961-1969, setting a record 71-23-4, without losing seasons. He ended the mistake of one of the big difficulties in NFL history, Super Bowl III, but his job with Colts was sterling and heralded a great coming. Baltimore has never ended worse than 8-6 under the leadership of Shula, and that was in his first season, when he was the youngest head coach in the NFL, at 33 years old.

His perfect season is even more impressive than it looks

Belichick could not do that. The record still stands, almost 50 years later. Only the Dolphins of 1972 have managed to find an unbeaten way. Shula’s 17-0 squad finished it with reserve midfielder Morrall starting nine out of 14 matches and because of a rule no longer existing that dictated that the website of the AFC championship game would be given over rotating base, they must also defeat Steelers in Pittsburgh to earn a trip to the Super Bowl. Moreover, Shula had to make a tough decision to control Morrall and bring back a restored Griese with Miami trailing 10-7 in the third quarter. Griese commanded two touchdown drives and Dolphins went on to win, 21-17.