Buffalo Bills will refund Canadian season ticket holders if border still closed due to COVID-19 pandemic

The Buffalo Bills have the most Canadian season ticket holders in the league.

Fans might not be permitted at all NFL games this year, leaving season ticket holders wondering what the protocol would be for refunds. Even if fans are allowed at matches, if the US/Canadian border remains opened, many could be out of luck.

The Buffalo Bills know that a lot of their fans in attendance cross the border from Canada for matches and have already been prepared to accommodate these fans.

According to a report of the Toronto Sun, the team informed their northernmost fans that they will refund the fans for the tickets if the border remains closed.

New Era Field, home to the Bills, is only 16 miles from the US/Canadian border, a short 23-minute drive.

The Buffalo Bills have the most Canadian season ticket holders with about 8,000 people. The Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks have the next highest, with 1,314 tickets and 3,100 tickets respectively.

The Buffalo Bills are the only team to publicly make this promise to Canadian fans right now.

Although Bills Mafia no longer gathers in Toronto for home games, the Toronto market remains loyal.

The US/Canadian border has been closed since March 21 and is expected to remain closed till at least July 21. It is open for essential reasons, but it is commonly thought that NFL games qualify under that exception.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford discussed the possible border opening and said that he just did not think they were ready enough. You see what’s happening down in the States. You look at Texas, you look at Arizona, Florida, California. He doesn’t want to be those states and just wants to protect the people there in Ontario.