Top 7 best national football movies of all time (Part 1)

Rugby is a famous sport in the United States, now there are many people learn and love this subject. Here, let’s explore 7 best national football (rugby) movies of all time!

The Blind Side (2009)

A family adopts a homeless African-American teenager and helps him make new friends, enabling him to go to school, making him more confident in himself.

Thanks to this turning point in his life, his athletic talent was revealed, making him a character recognized by the history of rugby world. The whole family became more united thanks to him.

Top 7 những tập phim về bóng bầu dục hay nhất mọi thời đại

This historical figure named Michael Oher, a homeless, unrelated black man made the peak of his career thanks to the protection and casting of the spirit of the strange white people full of kindness. .

A motivator and student like Oher has done her best to balance everything and achieve her dreams. He became a veteran left-wing striker in American baseball.

This rugby feature film has very emotional conversations about the journey of maturity within each person. It is not easy to recognize the mission of each individual, so the people who contribute to the will of the champion, whether accidentally or intentionally, deserve respect.

You can’t know how you encourage or appreciate the dreams of others who are capable of inspiring and creating great accomplishments.

Remember the Titans (2000)

The rugby feature film is based on real events that happened to the Titans football team at T.C Williams High School in Virginia, USA in 1971.

Herman Boone was hired by the school to be the head coach and instructor for team members including white and black students amid Virginia’s ethnic riot.

Top 7 những tập phim về bóng bầu dục hay nhất mọi thời đại

With enthusiasm and a tough attitude, Herman revived the spirit of the team that seemed to have cracked up nothing to heal. Friendship flourishes between players of different skin colors. They side by side and become a united team with a strong desire to win.

An episode not only about rugby, racism but also full of humanity, showing that anyone can overcome the barriers on the pitch as well as in life.