Top 2 Good NFL Games you should not miss

Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21 is a sports game for those who love rugby games, an athletic sport that requires quickness, endurance and dexterity. Madden NFL 21 game faithfully simulates the ball moves, the image of the players to the passionate atmosphere on the field, will surely bring players memorable moments.

Madden NFL 21 is one of EA’s key products in 2020, when the company promises to bring a breath of fresh air to the series of sports simulation games. Madden NFL 21 features an innovative gameplay mechanic, offering advanced levels of player control and creative inspiration on both sides of the ball, alongside a new, dominant Skill Stickball transport system. with new moves. Play hard in The Yard, a brand new mode where you can feel the players’ epic moments.

Madden NFL 21 includes the basic game modes: Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame – where you will create yourself an anonymous player to step by step rise to become the greatest player in NFL history; Take Control – where you will have to focus highly to make the most of your skills to overcome the tough challenges given by the game; X-Factor 2.0 – a place to help you find new potential players for your team.

Madden NFL Overdrive Football

Madden NFL Overdrive Football is one of the most popular mobile games ever. The player’s task is to control the players move and play the ball on the field to put the ball in the opponent’s net. The game has a good new gameplay, mode to participate in seasonal tournaments or play solo with others.

Madden NFL Overdrive Football is one of the rare games about rugby, however, the manufacturer has given the game a new breeze to attract players and more suitable for playing on the smartphone screen. This is really a sports game with attractive content, simple gameplay, realistic image, recreating the hit of the ball, making it feel like real warriors.

Madden NFL Overdrive Football has different game modes to choose from: you can take part in seasonal tournaments, hit “solo” with others or participate in daily events. You not only control the players but also take responsibility for managing your teams, devising the right strategies to be able to win in big tournaments.